As a charity helping disabled adults do useful activities, Greenaway Workshop has always welcomed offers of help.

As well as working on the restoration of Cane, Rush and Sea Grass chairs, there are wide range of opportunities available, either on a regular basis or at specific times of the year.  Make use of your talents and experience to support the Workshop and our team.  In all cases, we would seek to fit around whatever time you can spare.

This includes:

  • restoring chairs – Cane, Rush and Sea Grass
  • gardening on our Allotment
  • marketing support – to help raise the profile of the Workshop locally
  • contacting new potential customers
  • deliver Workshop leaflets
  • provide support for fund raising activities, events and shows
  • help with training
  • help introduce new skills and gainful occupations
  • assist the Manager in administrative tasks
  • become a Trustee

Rachael, the Workshop Manager, will explore with you how contributing

your time and skills to the workshop would be fulfilling for you.

A group of Trustees are responsible for the running of the workshop. If you would like to become a Trustee please contact the workshop manager.


If your passion is for growing and gardening then come along have a chat with Chris who leads our team of helpers on our  allotment.

Chris says….

The first year the allotment needed a “deep dig” including forking in manure, compost and digging out the weeds. The edges were tidied and the fence posts replaced.

In the spring, seeds were potted up in the shed and planted out once established. The young plants were watered at least twice a week. The runner beans and sweet peas climbed up the canes. Potatoes, onions, beetroot sweetcorn, spinach, lettuce, broad beans seem to be favourites!

A third of the allotment is used for fruit and had been gravelled. There is an apple and fig tree, blackcurrants, gooseberries, raspberries (wired) and wooden sleepers make a raised bed for strawberries.

It’s lovely when the produce grows and can be picked to eat. People can take the fruit and vegetables home or we freeze some ready for puddings and soup in the autumn.

Anyone can come to help keep the area weed free and pick the produce. It’s a treat to pick and eat the fresh “homegrown” produce which is full of goodness and chemical free.

I’m looking forward to the summer when the weather improves!

Digging almost done and shed tidied