About Us

Since its foundation in 1981, GREENAWAY WORKSHOP has been focused, as a registered charity, on providing therapeutic work for up to 20 adults with varying needs, mainly living in the Derbyshire Dales area.

Over the last 30 years, the workshop has provided therapeutic work for more than 120 adults with disabilities. Individuals carry out a variety of printing tasks and chair seating repairs. Each person receives an attendance payment subject to appropriate state benefit restriction limits.

These services meet a real need in the local economy, for businesses, community organisations and individual customers. In addition to this valuable benefit to the local economy, the Workshop’s core contribution is the therapeutic benefit to each individual by making them feel valued for their skills, developing their sense of self-esteem through their achievements and promoting social cohesion and friendships in the workplace.

Thus, the Workshop restores personal dignity, delivers new skills, hones self-confidence and provides social and economic purpose.

The Workshop relies on  financial support from Derbyshire County Council, local business, organisations, community funds and fund raising activities. However, proceeds from the sales of its products and services form the major part of its finances.

Despite cutbacks in funding and occasional slowdowns in the demand for its services, the Workshop has maintained a steady course and remained viable. A key factor in this has been the renewed vigour in recent years to widen its customer base and services.

This has now led the Workshop to set out a clear Business Plan to chart its further development over the next 3 years. This includes strengthening its business base and widening the markets it serves. The Workshop will continue to rely on a combination of income from the sale of its services and a range of external funding.

Applications for grants will play a key role in enabling the success of the planned developments.

We are also happy to welcome group visits to the Workshop by prior arrangement: contact the Manager.

Further information is available as follows: