In 2014, GREENAWAY WORKSHOP applied to the Charity Commission for a new constitution. This Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) constitution was approved by the Charity Commission in October 2014 and its provisions were implemented in early 2015. This change has no impact on the purposes and activities of the charity which continues as before.

The Board of Trustees consists of 6 Trustees who are accountable to the Charity Commission. Further information is available from the Charity Commission website page.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and control of the Workshop and consists of:

  • Heather Clifton-Smith – Chair
  • Martin Smith – Secretary
  • Ralph Tingle – Treasurer
  • Sue Barradell-Smith
  • Chris Gale
  • Will Chandler

All Trustees are volunteers.

The Board of Trustees sets out the policies and approves the annual budget.

The Workshop Manager exercises daily operational and administrative control of the workshop’s activities. This includes marketing, dealing with customers, planning all production activities, training of the staff ensuring their personal and pastoral needs are met and supervising the quality of contracted jobs. The Manager, who is present on all 4 opening days every week, is currently the only paid employee.

Some 15 adults with a long term health condition (including physical or mental disability) carry out the printing jobs and the repair of chair seats. Their disabilities may  have resulted from genetic disorders, illness or injury.  Workshop members are typically referred by word of mouth via the Stroke Association, doctors, physiotherapists or occupational therapists.

The current maximum capacity of workshop members is 20. Individuals receive a payment for days they attend the workshop, subject to current state benefit requirements..

The Workshop, through its Manager and staff, has accumulated significant skills and experience in both printing and chair seating repairs over the years.

The workshop occupies premises that were built for purpose in Darley Dale, between Matlock and Bakewell, over 30 years ago. Derbyshire County Council funded the building, remains its owner and is still responsible for its structure and maintenance. Some improvements have been carried out to the building in recent years.

This year our Annual Meeting will be held during  April 2017. Everyone who wished to attend are very welcome

Minutes of the AGM held on 19 November 2011 are available here