Volunteer Help

As a charity helping disabled adults do useful work, Greenaway Workshop has always welcomed offers of help.

There is a wide range of opportunities available, either at specific times of the year or more or less regularly. These include:

  • marketing support to get the Workshop better known and contacting new potential customers
  • delivering Workshop leaflets
  • providing support for fund raising activities, events and shows
  • help with training
  • help introduce new skills and gainful occupations
  • assist the Manager in administrative tasks

In all cases, we would seek to fit around whatever time you can spare.

The Manager would be happy to explore with you how your contribution could be fulfilling for you, make use of your talents and experience and support the Workshop and our working team. The easiest way is for you to  complete the Contact Form below with your details and the Manager will get in touch with  you for an initial chat. Alternatively, you can give her a call.