Our Working Team

The aim of the workshop is to provide therapeutic activities in a social environment for up to 20 adults with disabilities living in the West Derbyshire area.

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The atmosphere in the workshop is supportive and convivial. We have a great bunch of workshop members whose attitude and concern for one another is an example to many groups.

Referrals to become a new worker, can be made to the Manager at the Workshop.

GREENAWAY WORKSHOP provides adults living with long term health conditions, opportunities suited to their individual needs and capabilities. The workshop carries out printing jobs and repairs to chairs to a very high standard. It serves the needs of individual customers who live locally as well as those of community organizations and many small and large local businesses.

People who attend the Workshop gain a great deal, not least a greater sense of self-esteem from their achievements. They feel valued for their skills and gain much from the social aspect of being in the workplace and the friendships made.

The social heart of the Workshop brings several key benefits:

  • the direct therapeutic value to the workers: healing of their low self esteem, combating their feelings of inadequacy and enabling them to learn new skills
  • providing some ‘space’ to their spouses, families and carers
  • an ethos that is firmly rooted in a positive ‘can do’ attitude in a highly professional manner.

Over the last 30 years, with your kind support, we have brought these benefits to more than 120 adults.